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First fully integrated
eISF-eTMF solution

How long does it take you to deliver an updated lab manual to your sites and make sure the new version is being used? 1-2 days for distribution and you can only be sure it is used after your next monitoring visit?
Forget it and check how you can do it in a few minutes through SMARTKESTREL. Our cloud-based app reaches out to all your operational site teams, obtains acknowledgements and supersedes previous manual versions, while also tracking and filing all data in your sites’ eISFs and study eTMF.

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Wireless Temperature
Monitoring System

Imagine having real-time access to Investigational Product storage temperatures from all your sites worldwide in one app. Sounds impossible?
Check our WTMS COOLKESTREL and see how your temperature results can also be automatically streamed to and filed in your sites’ eISFs and study eTMF.

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of our expertise

Looking for external expert support for your next upcoming inspection? Perhaps you need help to validate a new system, create procedures or prepare trainings? Let’s chat!
Our expert consultants can also offer you technical support and advice in:

  • inspection readiness / mock audit visits
  • quality control / co-monitoring visits
  • GxP Computerised System Compliance
  • Quality documents system
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